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Rubber products
Seal Company, sro - Rubber Production, which manufactures rubber products: shaft seal (lip seal), o-rings, cuffs, dusters, silent blocks, rubber bumpers, gaskets, rubber products and other atypical shapes. For the production is used: Rubber and Standards rubber compounds: NBR, NR, CR, EPDM, MVQ, ACM .... even in small series.

Proposal rubber compounds

According to the desired mechanical and dynamic properties (strength, ductility, hardness, resistance to oil or brake fluid, etc.) you our rubber chemists design technology along with the rubber compounds of which will manufacture products ordered. Rubber compounds used in our company: NBR, SBR, ACM, CR, NR, EPDM and MVQ. Mixtures we can provide with our certified suppliers in accordance with the desired properties.

Custom manufacture of molds and tools

According to the present technical documentation (drawings, sketch or model) to suggest our engineers together with technology vulcanizing mold for your product and prepare drawings for mold making. Mold is carried out according to drawings in our toolroom workshop. The materials needed to produce the forms are different according to the shape tool steel, demands to abrasion, pressure and depending on the quantity of product series.


Manufacture takes place in Two-storey curing presses at the desired temperature and pressure specified by the technology. Used machines are fully automatic microprocessor controlled, hydraulically driven and heated by electric coils.

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Manžeta náhrada teflonový krúžok posilovač spojky Liaz, Tatra, Karosa
O-krúžok MVQ - silikón biely
O-krúžok MVQ - silikón červený
O-krúžok NBR
O-krúžok EPDM
Prechodka - záslepka
Manžeta - golier zadný brzdový valec Liaz
Prachovka zadný brzdový valec Tatra, Liaz a Karosa
Tesnenie spoj predný brzdový valec Liaz, Tatra a Karosa
Gumový výrobok

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