Company profile

Company Seal SK, sro was founded in 1997 with 100% share of Slovak capital. In 2001, it expanded the business of the manufacture of products from molded technical rubber, which became its core business. Products from molded technical rubber are pressed in vulcanization molds. The maximum size of the product is determined by the dimensions of the clamping plates curing presses, which is 400x400 mm.
The production of moldings used rubber compounds (know-how SEAL) based on SBR, NBR, EPDM, NR, CR, MVQ and the like.

SEAL SK Company, offers products in

► Oil seals
► Mounts
► O-rings
► Rubber seal
► Rubber bellows
► Other rubber products to order
► Hard rubber
► Products from rubber

Production of tools, molds and models

molds design, models, press molds, preparations, auxiliary equipment

for pressing of technical rubber, surface machining of metals

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